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“…the voice of one crying in the wilderness…”*
In todays world, there are thousands of voices in the wilderness of advertising/media. Many things are being said in many different ways. But history has proven that-out of the din of society-one voice with one clear, unmistakable message can always be heard,recognized and acknowledged. Our goal is to be that one unique voice that will carry your clear,unmistakable message beyond the wilderness to your greatest success!

*Isaiah 40:3

About Herb Merriweather

Herb Merriweather is a voice talent based in California who has a future so bright that he has to wear shades. Herb grew up in a musical family and counts his experiences in choral ensembles, bands and gospel music as having played an integral role in the shaping of his signature style, citing his sister, Gospel singer Rosalind Graham, as a major influence, inspiration and encouragement. Herb has worked with many amazing people over his career including the great Ruth Dickerson, a Gospel music historian and radio personality. Herb Merriweather continues to build meaningful relationships with those in his community and seeks out opportunities to be a voice in the wilderness





Scott Todd
So enjoyed having you as a part of this project. 
I hope we get the chance to do more in the future. Thank you!


“Herb absolutely nailed the voiceover work we needed for the imaging of our radio programming! He was GREAT to work with, and we will definitely use him again!”  –  First Baptist, Raytown Missouri


“Herb Merriweather brings passion and sincerity to every voice acting performance. And I can always count on him to deliver what I need when I need it.” —Marc Cashman


Joe J Thomas

 Voice Actor, JoeActor.com (colleague)
“Herb has a good combination of vision and drive, plus is a very genuine person. I’m sure he’ll go far in any business he chooses to pursue.”


Joie Albrecht

“Herb is a wonderful creative actor. Dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, takes direction well — very easy to work with! He brilliantly brought to life a larger than life animated character of a sneaky, bad tempered Iguana-King of Summer for the 3-D animated series “Vipo-dventures of the Flying Dog”. I will definitely keep him in mind for future productions.”


Ashley Rose Davidson

 Social Media Manager, Voices.com (business partner)
“Herb has a truly inspiring attitude and outlook that is extremely contagious to the people around him. I would highly recommend Herb for your voiceover needs, not only for his warm, smoothing and authoritative sound but simply for the fact that he is a wonderful and motivating person to be around.”

Geoff Kwitko

“Couldn’t endorse Herb MORE! He is brilliant. Great fun to work with and great reliable results. Very friendly and a cool guy!”


Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

Herb is very professional and he puts quality effort in his voice over projects. His customer service was excellent. I look forward to working with him on future projects.


Sonja Fernandes
Wonderful job, Herb! Great work on this project – your voice sounds great and you were very professional to work with. Thanks for everything!”      



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