You CAN do it!!

Recently I’ve found myself doing a lot of personal interaction with folks (the best way to really communicate). Whether it’s questions about booth etiquette or audio description or whatever, a lot of people are trying to move forward and better themselves. But along with stepping up the game, comes the gnawing creeping feeling of–failure! ‘What if I can’t do it?’ What if it doesn’t work?’ What if they don’t like me/it?’


Two things I always like to tell people. 1. The talent or gift or anointing (if you will) that you possess will make room for you. We all have something that’s in us that we can share with others. You have it in you not FOR you, but for all of those around you to be encouraged, inspired and uplifted. Because there is a NEED for your talent, there is definitely a place for it–and YOU (Prov. 18:16–man=manKIND).

The second thing is no matter what state your career (or life) is in–never, EVER surrender!  Re-tool; re-boot; re-start;  re-consider and reCOVER!  Something my big sister Rosalind taught me: When you can’t see your way clear, step back (for a moment, deep breath); then step up into the Spirit and look down at the larger picture. You will see your solution, your place and I daresay, your victory. Never devalue or belittle yourself or your talent. When you value yourself properly, others will have to follow suit (including those clients who think VO is ‘just talking’).

As always, this blog is suitable for inspiration or bird cage lining, depending on your greatest need! Have a fabulous time and–HAPPY VOICING!!!

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