Finishing School

…Hello all you wonderful people.! Here we are-knee-deep into a new year and hurtling headlong toward the future. In the midst of the hustle, bustle, sturm und drang, I hope you have a chance to put things into perspective. This blog post is a reprint from 2011, but the meaning and sentiment are just as topical now as ever. Enjoy…

…so it’s 2:17am (I had a loooong nap) and I’m waiting to record yet another strange and fun-filled character…just need a little more info from my client. So, between brainstorming scripts and voicing pink zombies, I have a moment to reflect.
The denizens of ‘The Hole’ have seen a lot of changes recently–changes in location, equipment and life. We’ve said ‘goodbye’ to precious friends and family and we’ve said ‘hello’ to exciting and wonderful new opportunities and acquaintances. New friends are always cool ’cause they don’t know your foibles yet and old friends are cool ’cause they KNOW you and still love you anyway!

I am especially grateful for renewed purpose–some things never die, they simply wait for your maturity. I’m sure someone out there has a project on hold or a dream not yet realized. I was reminded of my own unfinished ‘business’ during conversations with friends and family recently. And not just reminded, but spurred into action by an inspiring message by T.D. Jakes about ‘the grace to finish’.

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Time, the surprises of life and sometimes our own decisions push us into ‘I’ll do it later’-no matter how noble, necessary, or near-to-the-heart the project is. The only catch to that thinking is we don’t know how much ‘later’ we have left. So-not fatalistically or in panic- but earnestly and with direction, I look forward to ‘finishing in phases’ as T.D. put it. Reaching up on the shelf in the closet of my mind and heart to dust off that project and re-taking it one small step at a time and celebrating each step as I make it.
Now it’s on you. Well, you didn’t think I was gonna finish all this unfinished stuff by myself, did ya?!? We’ll work towards completions and finishings together and help each other along the way, if need be.
Now, get busy and remember–time is on YOUR side.
Happy Voicing…

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