Thanks, Dad–For Everything!


For being so excited by the news of our impending arrival, that you actually say YOU are pregnant, too.

For the 2:00 am feeding/changing. They’re a lot more fun when you do ’em!

For smiling and lifting us up when we face plant into the floor.

For having tea with The Dainty Ladies Social Society (and having the prettiest hat!)


For hitting all those grounders, tossing all those footballs, kicking all those soccer balls, dribbling all those basketballs and training, chauffering, and coaching some of the greatest athletes on the planet.

Thanks for putting aside selfish attitudes and maintaining a relationship with me–even though you and Mom (might not be) together anymore.

For coming to our rescue in the middle of a cold, rainy night (AFTER you advised us to get that spare tire. We didn’t.)

For some of the greatest fashion faux-pas in history (love me some Dad Plaid)!

For working all those crazy hours for my (choose one): a. skateboard  b. college education  c. Hello Kitty Ensemble  d. music lessons  e. all of the above

For bailing us out of jail after we went out with those people you warned us about.

For some of the corniest gags, re-told stories and best slapstick this side of The Stooges (‘Pull my finger–NOT THAT ONE!!!’)

For making Momma giggle. I don’t know what that means, but when Momma is happy, we is ALL happy…

For loving us, caring for us, coaching us, covering us, backing us up, praying for us and all points in between.

Thanks, Dad–for everything…

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