Happy Mother’s Day To Those Who Didn’t Give Birth (but they didn’t let that stop them)

I don’t have any pictures of her, but 59 years ago Ruby Blevins (later she married Leroy Smith) took on a herculean task–trying to turn me into a useful, productive member of society. My stepmom (through arrangement with my REAL mom–it’s a long, crazy story) loved me, shaped me, sharpened me and turned me loose on an unsuspecting world. 

She was a fanatic for education, so she surrounded me with books of all kinds–everything from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to Alex Haley to Mickey Spillane to Iceberg Slim. She was a believer and a disciplinarian and (although she never went) she made certain I was in attendance in Parochial school (which was like church everyday). I was blessed with a mother who was a bit older so I was exposed to history and discussion other kids my age had no knowledge of.



I remember scratching her head for her while she yelled at the television when watching ‘Wrestling at the Chase’. I remember her sneaking shots from a glass hidden behind the toaster. After a few ‘cocktails’, she would go to the piano and play ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’. She would play–and I would sing. I remember she had the loudest, goofiest laugh I’d ever heard on a woman. Her laugh (which always ended with a loud ‘OOOoooo, LORD’) was laugh-inducing.

I remember her always for her work in my life–her patience, her discipline, her sacrifice. I wasn’t her kid–but you’d better not try to say that to her…

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO THOSE WHO DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH (but they didn’t let that stop them)…

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