Revisit The Future

Yes–it’s a bold, new look. And, no–I don’t miss seeing my face at all!

The Future

In an attempt to be faithful to my original vision, I wanted a concept that would showcase more of the zany characters I’ve helped to create. As I look toward the future, not only am I wearing shades, but I am armed with a fresh zeal and a fervent desire. A ‘fresh zeal’ in the ardent pursuit of my craft. A ‘fervent desire’ that what I learn can pay effective, heartfelt dividends to everyone around. Dividends in information, inspiration and imskibobolism (yes–I made that word up!)

As always–stay connected and ‘keep watching the web’ for new sounds, words and concepts.

Never forget the ancient proverb–“Bedompti Vanump’!…

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