Holiday Greetings from ‘The Hole’

…Well, I’m nowhere near finished with gifts, food, decorations and all theĀ other stuff attached to this season. But I did want to take a moment tell you all–‘Thank You and Merry Christmas’.

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I really appreciate your love, instruction, patience and friendship. It means a lot to my supervisor (Cora) and me. You’ve opened your homes hearts, wallets and minds to help me along my adventurous VO journey. ..I am deeply humbled and eternally grateful!

A side note about the audio greeting: I was moved to get a few of my ‘lesser known’ family members to participate this year. Let me just say–I’ll never do that again…

One thought on “Holiday Greetings from ‘The Hole’

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your ENTIRE family Herb! Sounds like they do keep you on your toes!

    All the Best to your and yours for a Blessed, Happy, Healthy, Safe and FUN holiday season and 2014 (and beyond!)

    Teacher Dan

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