Back To The Ol’ –aww, YOU know…

…Strange, flickering lights; odd vocal sounds and maniacal laughter are all the order of the day in ‘The Hole’! Why all the weird activity? It’s simple–“Write the vision and make it plain.” The old drawing board is the most important tool right now because all ideas–good or bad–get written down and explored. Badly drawn characters, corny skits, lofty concepts and lowdown lunacy get equal time and discussion. The most pertinent question in these discussions is not ‘How much…” but “What if…”.




Some folks call it ‘brainstorming’ (since I don’t have much brain, it would be a tempest in a teapot). Others ‘chew the fat’, chop it up, wrangle ideas or ‘conceptualize’. Sometimes the flow of information or inspiration comes in spurts, dollops or streams. Sometimes it drips like molasses in January. Nevertheless, we should set aside time and resources to develop the ideas, concepts and plans we have on the inside.

Today the drawing board is cluttered once again with video game concepts, new characters, dialogue, back story and clothing (?). The Warriors of Ziklag (c) collide with Armando and his sidekick, Root! Just below that, audio description techniques are redefined and refined. And since those drawings are really crude, I’ll ┬ábe begging my super talented artist buddies to assist in giving image to a voice.

The drawing board demands time and attention but most of all it cries out for imagination. That being said, I am now imagining a tall, frosty yet refreshing beverage that’s waiting for me in the fridge. Go ahead–imagine one for yourself and Happy Voicing!!

2 thoughts on “Back To The Ol’ –aww, YOU know…

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun… looking forward to seeing what comes of that there drawing board (which quite frankly sounds better than “looking forward to seeing the chewed piece of fat”!)

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