The Follow Up

…I was reminded recently about how important a follow up phone call can be. Important questions await equally important answers. Even if the answer is somewhat less than expected, it matters that the follow up information be communicated quickly and accurately. With such an answer I can: move on; make a more informed decision; answer someone else’s question.

Hot Line

In the same day I waited (in vain) for follow up calls from one person and received a follow up call from someone I didn’t expect. The unexpected callback was full of genuine concern and encouragement–quite the lift I needed at that moment. The call back I never received generated a trip to the office and 90 minutes spent. Even though things worked out well in the end, I can only imagine what I could have accomplished with those 90 minutes–voiced a documentary about armadillos, perhaps; gorged on more of Cora’s delicious cheesecake (yum); or maybe write a blog about how old school yet important it is to make that return call. It only takes a moment…

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