Observe and Perform!

…’Mark (observe) the perfect man…for the end of him is peace.’ Ps. 37:37…

There are many ways to succeed in business–online/in person training; webinars and seminars; shouting from the house tops and quietly laboring in the shadows–each of these methods has tons of merit and there is absolutely NO room for slacking.

I’ve always maintained that we can learn by observing (and then practicing) the good and positive habits of others who are successful. How does Pat Duke develop that priceless drawl? How does Lisa Biggs take a unique instrument (her voice) and train it to virtuosity? How does Dave Fennoy take a video game character and turn him into a¬†phenomenon?


Vocal strength training, reading aloud (and recording while you do it), practice, practice, practice! At The VO Pro Workout, people like Marc Cashman, Townsend Coleman and Stew Herrera actually get into the booth, do practice reads and receive pinpoint direction from other pros. All egos are checked at the door as the best in voice over become students and practitioners–just so they can get better. Is that even possible? It seems so, as everyone seriously delves into their craft to achieve that little edge, that special something, that vocal lilt that will elevate a read into a memorable performance–even if it’s only a 15 second spot.

Ring up Robin Armstrong and visit his ‘HideOut LA’ studios to improve and grow in your approach to voice over. It’s what the professionals do to keep their ‘chops’ sharp and relevant. Other fantastic outlets are available in the Los Angeles area–please visit the ‘Garden Of Sound‘ (and my good friend, Tori Hartman) for their schedule of classes and workshops.

(in the photo, l-r Townsend Coleman, John Taylor, a happy fan, Marc Cashman and Stew Herrera)

Happy Voicing!…