…a new address for ‘The Hole’!…

…well, after years of late-night agonizing; long, lonely walks and self-imposed isolation, I finally took an antacid, listened to those encouraging voices and established myself in cyberspace. Yep–we got us a website!

I know, I know–I can hear everybody from NoHo to Istanbul screaming “IT”S ABOUT TIME” or “BIG DEAL”! But I choose to answer that with a throaty “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”!  I’m actually all fired up about having a place to call my own after all this time. It’s a new home for love and lunacy; quality and quirkiness; faith and foolishness (yeah, there’s room for all that–this is the internet!).

A logical extension and direct pipeline to the sonic sanctuary known globally as ‘The Hole’–there will be audio samples galore, words aplenty and maybe even a picture or three. Mainly, the little golden dude will be closely monitoring the merriment–because integrity and quality STILL count most of all!

All that being said, here is the most important factor: “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become as a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”  1Cor13:1

Being in voice over, we ‘speak’ a LOT (and, in different tongues, I dare say), but if there is no place for service, or generosity with money, time AND talent—we’d just be a noise that no one wants to hear…

THAT is gold worth searching for!

When you have absolutely nothing to do, stop  and enjoy the new demos (at last!).  Each one lovingly crafted in ‘The Hole’—guaranteed to elicit groans, giggles and guffaws (I hope)!

Special thanks to Michael Minetree (my own personal WebKnight) for helping me make sense of it all–and then still doing it for me.

Also, special thanks to my BriTurk brother, Andy Boyns whose constant nagging, long distance abuse and mental flogging (yeah, it took all that) finally resulted in something great.

PS …NO–I’m NOT leaving Voices.com. I’m simply spreading my dusty, old wings to see if I can catch an updraft and soar with eagles…